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  • Palm Jumeirah

    Anantara Spa The Palm Jumeirah

    • Foot & Leg Massage 15min - 1h Foot Massage
      350 AED
  • Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

    Armada Spa & Women Center

    • Foot Massage 30min Foot Massage
      50 AED
  • Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)

    B/Attitude Spa

    • Foot and Ankle Massage 30 min Foot Massage
      275 AED
  • Foot massage involves the application of pressure to specific parts of your feet for reduced muscle tension and improved blood circulation, among other benefits. Finding your ideal foot massage center in Dubai can be hectic. However, with Mabel, an online platform in Dubai that offers an array of options on spas and salons near you, this shouldn’t be difficult.

    All the spas and salons listed on Mabel are vetted to ensure they use the best therapists and massage products.

    Why Use Mabel to Book a Foot Massage Service in Dubai?

    Mabel has a list of vetted men and women salons and spas from over 20 locations within Dubai. We offer the user a chance to search for one that is near them, using an intelligent location and filtering algorithm.

    Moreover, you can read other user reviews to ascertain the quality of service of different facilities. We also list the prices of different services provided by the various spas and salons.

    5 Foot Massage Benefits

    • Improves blood circulation. Your feet require sufficient blood flow. However, in most cases, circulation is restricted by tight and uncomfortable shoes. Get relaxing foot massage to ease your blood vessels and allow blood to flow easily.

    • Reduces tension and aids in preventing ankle and foot injuries. Foot massage employs foot and ankle strengthening exercises. Muscles also stretch to speed up recovery in case of injury.

    • Reduced Oedema. This is the retention of fluids that leads to swelling. Foot massage combined with a proper diet and a good rest prevent this swelling.

    • Flat feet. Such feet may lead to poor balance. Going for a frequent foot massage while applying strong pressure on the arch reduces pain and rectifies the problem.

    • Improves moods and reduces anxiety. It reduces depression and pain through the release of endorphins. A foot massage puts you in a relaxed state.

    The Process Involved in a Foot Massage Service in Dubai

    The process starts with a preparation session. The service personnel removes your shoes. They only remove your socks if you approve. Your feet are washed with warm water, and a moisturizer is applied for treatment. Then, the therapist gives you a good rub using essential oils, powder, or no lube at all.

    Legs are uncovered such that the whole calf is visible and soaked in warm water for a few minutes. The feet are cleansed, and underlying feet muscles warmed to soften the hard skin.

    The massage process then begins.

    • Step 1: The massage therapist applies light to medium pressure to various pressure points, identifying particular tired points and holds pressure.

    • Step 2: The heel of the foot is squeezed. The therapist increases pressure to a limit that you are comfortable with and repeats the process.

    • Step 3: Then, they scratch the base of the foot lightly to awaken nerve endings using fingers and nails. They apply light to medium pressure.

    • Step 4: All toes from one foot are bent back slowly and gently towards the shin as far as you can withstand then held at this position of resistance. Toes are slowly released, and the process repeated thrice on both feet.

    • Step 5: The massage therapist uses the thumbs to apply pressure and move along the base, looking for tight or tender spots.

    It is worth noting that this process may vary slightly, depending on the creativity of the facility or the professional handling of your session.

    How to Book a Foot Massage Session in Dubai through Mabel

    Booking a foot massage using Mabel is quite simple. Just a few clicks, and you can sort through ideal salons nearby. Besides, you only pay the displayed prices - no hidden fees. We ensure you get value for your money. Thanks to our vetting system, what you see is what you get.

    Book a Foot Massage in Dubai Today

    Do you have a flat foot, or have you been experiencing constant foot pains due to stiff feet muscles? Visit Mabel online platform and book an affordable foot massage in Dubai is one of the best spas and salons near you.