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  • Dubai offers some of the best reflexology therapies, most importantly, the neck massage. It focuses on muscles around the neck and the shoulder area. The main aim is to relieve tension, reduce headaches, and increase relaxation. Booking a neck massage in Dubai is now easy, thanks to Mabel.

    Mabel is an online platform that provides you with a simple and efficient mode of locating and booking neck massage appointments in spas and salons near you, anywhere in Dubai.

    Use Mabel to Find and Book a Neck Massage Near You

    Mabel offers you a wide choice of spas and salons near you from all locations across Dubai. The site also includes prices of various services with no hidden fees and a brief description of the service. Besides, the various spas and salons on our list are complete with pictures and customer reviews to assist you in making the best choice.

    Furthermore, Mabel offers a very easy-to-use and efficient booking service, all at a click of a button.

    Amazing Benefits of a Neck Massage

    1. Acute pain relief: A neck massage relieves tension by interfering with the signal sent to the brain in the event of sourness or general pain. The friction from the skin and fingers felt during a neck massage creates a new sensation that brings satisfaction to the brain. This effect disturbs the old message of pain.

    2. Relieving stress and causing calmness: This results from pain relief. A neck massage promotes the release of positive hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. They are responsible for giving you a sense of well-being and reducing stress.

    3. Relaxes tight muscles: Pressure from the massage relaxes blood vessels, hence increasing blood flow. This increases muscle temperature, thus relaxing the muscle fibres. Relaxed muscle fibres improve tissue elasticity and allow muscles to stretch to its full length without restriction or tear.

    How a Neck Massage Works

    A wide range of techniques is used. The most common ones include:

    • Acupressure: A therapist uses their fingers and thumbs to apply pressure to specific pressure points on your neck. Acupressure is considered a holistic neck pain treatment. It soothes aching neck muscles by breaking down muscular knots and increasing blood flow.

      Stimulation of the part of the neck at the base of the skull helps relieve congestion and swelling of lymph nodes that cause a sore neck. It also increases oxygen levels and nutrients delivered to the muscles, hence improving muscle recovery after strenuous activity.

    • Mobilization: This technique is used in treating tight soft and joint tissues. The therapist applies pressure on the cervical spine by moving their hands gently until every vertebra is worked. Mobilization is quite helpful in easing stiffness and tension on the connective tissues surrounding the spine. It increases the neck’s range of movement.

    • Skin rolling: In this technique, the neck massage therapist picks up and rolls your skin, using their fingers and thumbs to remove any fascia beneath the skin. Skin rolling increases your skin temperature, which loosens and removes the fascia. This increases blood flow and improves muscle movement.

    How to Book a Neck Massage in Dubai Using Mabel

    Booking a neck massage in Dubai using Mabel is simple and straightforward. Mabel has a list of over 600 salons and spas offering neck massage. A filtering and location algorithm assists you in finding a salon or spa based on your budget or location, among other factors. You can then select one that suits your interests.

    Mabel lists any offers available to help you get the best deals and experience available. The website also lists all the prices and charges to all the services offered by the salons and spas. Besides, once you choose your preferred salon, you can make payments on the Mabel platform or at the venue.

    Book Your Neck Massage in Dubai Today

    Are you experiencing headaches, stress, or want to treat your loved one with a neck massage? Book a neck massage in Dubai near you from the hundreds of spas and salons listed on Mabel today!